‘ZigBee Pro’ Specification Added to ZigBee

A ‘ZigBee Pro‘ specification have been added to the base specification for ZigBee expanding the set of features to maximize the capabilities of ZigBee and facilitate ease-of-use and advanced support for larger networks. These feature sets will help solidify ZigBee as the standard for larger installations such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities when it comes to automation and control applications. What’s this got to do with the home hobbyist in home automation? Probably not much but it’s cool!

PRO features include:

* Network Scalability – Improved support for larger networks offering more management, flexibility, performance choices
* Fragmentation – New ability to divide longer messages and enable interaction with other protocols and systems
* Frequency Agility – Networks dynamically change channels should interference occur
* Automated Device Address Management – Optimized for large networks with added network management and configuration tools
* Group Addressing – Offers additional traffic optimization needed for large networks
* Wireless Commissioning – Enhanced with secure wireless commissioning capabilities
* Centralized Data Collection – Tuned specifically to optimize information flow in large networks

Source: ExtremeTech