Zeo Personal Sleep Coach tracks, analyzes your sleeping habits

zeo personal sleep coachSleep tracking devices are really starting to become more popular. The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is a relatively new sleep aid that builds on the research and attempts to take sleep optimization to the next level.

Zeo consists of 2 basic parts – a headband that you wear to bed, and a bedside display/data gatherer. The Zeo Bedside Display shows you a visualization of how your last night’s sleep went as well as how it compared to previous nights.

One particularly nice feature is that all of the data is stored on an SD memory card that you can then pop into your computer for upload to the myZeo website for further analysis, and storage in your own sleep journal. Research has shown that a sleep journal (like other journaling methods) is an effective way to detect and correct issues with your sleep.

Like other sleep aids that we’ve featured in the past (SleepTracker, aXbo and ZZZ Checker), the Zeo looks for that optimal point in your sleep cycle to attempt waking you.

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