Yahoo Buys

On Friday, Yahoo purchased, the social bookmarking website. While I’m curious as to how much they paid, I’m more curious as to what Yahoo’s plans for it are in the long-term, as they’ve stated that will continue to run its own website. What I’d like to see is integration of the bookmark tagging and sharing capabilities with the rest of Yahoo’s personalization and data storing services. After all, *only* has 300,000 users. I’m actually surprised; I would have thought that they had many more users due to the usefulness of the site, but I guess that may be just by virtue of me being a geek.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could store your bookmarks within your Yahoo account and have it integrated into the Yahoo Notepad/Calendar/Address Book/Mail services? Right now, you can do an insert from the Address Book into your e-mails from within the e-mail Composition screen. I’d like to see the ability to insert a bookmark and have text in your e-mail automatically hyperlinked.

I’ll bet you folks have tons of other ideas on what Yahoo could potentially do with, Flickr and the other websites/companies that they’ve acquired in recent years.