X-Arcadeâ„¢ Two Player Arcade Joystick

X-Arcadeâ„¢ Two Player Arcade Joystick

The X-Arcade Two Player Arcade Joystick gives you the retro feeling of an arcade upright with real arcade joksticks and buttons. You can hook the X-Arcade to a Mac or PC or just about any video game console like the PS1 or PS2, XBox, Gamecube or Dreamcast.

I use mine on a dedicated MAME machine and the controls really do give you the feeling of an arcade.

Don’t hog up all the fun yourself…spread the love.

Pick a favorite game, plug in this game controller, and proceed to unload a can of whoop-a** on all your buddies, family members, unsuspecting children, or small furry pets. Using special add-on adapters, your X-Arcadeâ„¢ will work on any game system, PC, or Macâ„¢. Dominate Fighting, Sports, MAME And Arcade Classics!

Measuring in at 25 inches from side to side with 15 LBS of heavy-duty industrial grade materials, the X-Arcade™ Two-Player makes it feel like you are playing an arcade console. Both of you can yank away at the joysticks, smash the fire buttons, and get lost in the rush of the game, this game controller can take it. You don’t have to take our word for it either, we back up its bullet-proof physique with a Lifetime Warranty.

Price: $129.95
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