Nyko Air Flo EX for PC

Nyko Air Flo EX for PC

Nyko Air Flo EX for PC allows you to stay cool under pressure with a patented ventilation design that eliminates fatigue and perspiration during gameplay using a fan that let’s you customize the level of cooling. The game pad also has rubber grips for better comfort and control over other game pads.

If you’re a serious gamer or have someone on your list that’s a serious gamer with a slight sweating problem, the Nyko Air Flo EX for PC is the gift to give!

Stay cool under pressure: The ventilation design uses patented Air Floâ„¢ technology to eliminate fatigue and perspiration during gameplay. The multi-speed fan lets you customize the level of cooling.

Take control: There are 13 fully assignable action buttons, all pressure sensitive with full analog response. This controller also features dual analog control sticks and an 8-way directional/point-of-view pad.

Rubber grips: Designed with cross-flow ridges for added comfort and control.

Unique button programming: Powerful driver software allows you to create custom button configurations.

Emulates keyboard and mouse: Air Flo EX can emulate keyboard and mouse functions, allowing you to use it for games that are not gamepad compatible.

Price: $19.99
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