World’s Smallest USB-Powered Microwave

Heinz's Beanzawave

Heinz’s new innovation is not a new type of super-bean, but in fact a microwave. Talk about diversification! This particular item was designed by Gordon Andrews and Stephen Frazer who entered a partnership with Heinz to produce this for Heinz’s small ‘Snap Pots’ which would benefit from an ultra-portable microwave to cook them with and rather aptly named it the ‘Beanzawave’.

For the technically gifted of you out there, the device users a range of mobile phone radio frequencies to cook the food on the inside and the outside at the same time and it conforms to all the relevant microwave safety regulations. There are also plans a-foot to power the microwave via rechargeable lithium ion batteries to make it truly portable. Pricing currently stands at £100 (approx. $163) but the manufacturers are looking to drive this down in the long run.