Wizcom QuickLink Elite Pen Scanner

Wizcom QuickLink Elite Pen Scanner

The QuickLink-Pen Elite is an updated version of the very popular and successful QuickLink-Pen, providing users with new and improved electronic note-taking capabilities. The QuickLink-Pen Elite can read notes and definitions aloud, beams to smart phones as well as to PDAs and PCs, includes English dictionary definitions, and connects via USB to your PC.

Used just like a yellow highlighter, the QuickLink-Pen Elite lets you collect electronically notes from any printed text–anytime, anywhere. The QuickLink-Pen Elite is ideal for students, doctors, business people, or researchers who need the ability to quickly and easily take notes whenever and wherever they might be–in a library, on a plane, or in a business meeting.

QuickLink-Pen Elite

The QuickLink-Pen Elite comes complete with several useful applications. The scan and store feature allows you to store up to 1,000 pages of text; transfer stored text to PDAs (PalmOS and WinCE), Smart phones (PalmOS and Windows Mobile 2003), or PCs via IRDA Infra red connection; transfer stored notes to PCs via USB connection (and automatically create Microsoft Word documents); and read the scanned notes aloud using the text to speech function, either through the built-in speaker or headphones. Additional scanning languages are supplied on CD-ROM and include German, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French. Scan and define allows you to display the definition of any word in the notes, using the included American Heritage Concise Dictionary, while the scan to PC function allows real-time scanning directly via the USB connection into any Windows based application, with the scanned text appearing at the cursor point. With image capture, you can scan and store small images that can then be transferred to a PC at a later time.

Handy applications are supplied on CD-ROM for optional installation. Address Book scans business cards and synchronizes with a desktop or PDA address book, such as Outlook. Table Builder scans data in spreadsheet format and transfers it directly to Microsoft Excel on a PC. Internet Links scans URLs (web addresses) and transfers them directly to your Internet Explorer favorites list.

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Price: $148.99
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