WiFi-Enabled Universal Remote Control

WiFi-Enabled Universal Remote Control With the WiFi-Enabled Universal Remote Control you can control all of your A/V Equipment over your existing WiFi network from any room in the house.

The WiFi Remote is much more than a universal remote control. It provides you and your family with hand-held access to TV listings, program descriptions, news, weather, sports, interactive offers, and information services through the click365â„¢ network over your existing wireless network. The click365 network provides updates to program guides, device codes, and setup information, letting you browse content, purchase products, or participate in gaming activities while using your home entertainment devices. The WiFi Remote can control a virtually unlimited number of devices and perform up to 255 user-specified activities. The WiFi universal remote control has a built-in code library and simple product brand search to simplify setup. The WiFi Remote also offers learning functionality so you can completely eliminate the need to use any of your single device remotes.


Suggested Price: $224.99

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