Wicked Lasers

Wicked Lasers

The Geeks received one of the Nexus Wicked Lasers (green laser) from Wicked Lasers earlier this week. These are the same lasers that have been busting balloons and lighting matches just from the laser beam.

These are serious gizmos for the 18 and over crowd as these lasers are illegal if you point them up to an airplane in the US and you really can’t play around with looking at the laser. The Wicked Lasers are great for pointing out stars or for use as a laser pointer in a large auditorium, but not to be used as a toy. Check out our upcoming full review!

Wicked Lasers assembles high-quality components into our lasers. An Infrared (808nm) laser diode produces light in the infrared (invisible to the human eye) spectrum, which is fired into a focusing lens that sends the laser beam through the ND (neodymium yttrium vanadium oxide) crystal. This increases the light’s frequency to 1064nm, which is still in the infrared (IR) laser spectrum.

The KTP (potassium, titanium, phosphorus) crystal makes the final conversion into green light, which is the beam color that is most visible laser to the eye sight.

The visible beam then goes through an infrared filter to help block any stray IR as a result of the conversion and finally the green light is focused once again as it leaves the front of the laser.

Price: $99 – $1999
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)