Why your iPod will be out of date in a year

So, 2006 will be the year of convergence when the uber or ultimate gizmo consisting of a phone, music player, camera, organiser and game machine and crammed into one attractive a slim design. I could’ve sworn 2005, 2004, 2003, etc… were called the year of convergence.

Convergence to a point is great but if a gizmo “wears too many hats”, the device probably does nothing really well. For instance, my PalmOne Treo is a wonderful device but is not convient for playing MP3’s like my iPod mini. Also, I would not use the Treo to take a family photo as the camera sucks. What the Treo does provide is a good phone and excellent organizer. To be honest, I do not care the camera is bad or that MP3s are not best listened to through the phone as long as the organizer and phone work.

So basically, I think the article is a recycled subject stating that 2006 will be the year of convergence. There will be devices delivered, but I do not think consumers are that interested in an all-in-one device. How did the ROKR do? Not so good…

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