DiskGO! 2.5″ Ultra Portable Hard Drive

DiskGO! 2.5

Yesterday we talked about my painful hard drive crashes in October (somethings gotta crash in October) and how I will save my personal information on a USB Flash Drive. Of course with USB flash drives limited in their size, I can only backup so much information.

I tend to keep ISOs of the programs I install and I would love to backup pictures and music, but the Flash Drive simply cannot store that data whereas the 100GB version of the DiskGO! 2.5″ Ultra Portable Hard Drive can. Larger than a USB Pen Drive or other Flash Drive, the DiskGO! is still small enough to carry in a briefcase.

Be kind to your data and back it up!

Protect your priceless digital photos, critical financial records and all of your hard work with DiskGO! Ultra Portable Hard Drives by EDGE. These sleek, aluminum-encased portable hard drives quickly and easily store up to 115 CDs worth of data. Ranging from 20GB to 100GB, the DiskGO! Ultra Portable Hard Drives are perfect for home or office use – freeing valuable hard drive space and providing a fast and convenient way to perform routine back-ups. With transfer rates up to 480Mbs, DiskGO! Ultra Portable Hard Drives by EDGE can back-up an entire notebook or desktop hard drive in just minutes. Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars worth of work, years of valuable digital photos and more!

Price: $89.95-$219.95 depending on size
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)