Web Trend Map 2007, Version 2.0

Web Trend Map 2007

Here is one of those things that has questionnable value, is definitely going to be out of date in 3 months, but yet is still mesmerizing; heck, I know I stared at it for a good 20 minutes, and visited some of the sites listed on it, just to see what they were about (ok, so they were mostly the Chinese and Japanese sites). Oh yeah, so what is this thing?? A company called Information Architects released this pictorial called the Web Trend Map (2007 version) that shows (in their words) “the 200 most successful websites on the Web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective.” Oh man, it’s colorful and filled with detail. Here’s what makes it a bit more interesting than just the color-coding of popular websites: it’s the outlook that IA puts on these sites, whether they think they’re heading up, down, or about the same over the next year or so.

You can get your very own copy of this image, in sizes up to 1600×1024, PDF, a clickable web page version, and even a screensaver for Mac OSX.

via TechCrunch.


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