Vizit photo frame connects directly to cell network, pulls photos down from secure website

isabella vizit photo frameNetwork-connected photo frames are nothing new, but this new one called the Vizit from Isabella has some cool new features. It hooks up directly to AT&T’s cellular network, and you can ‘send’ photos to it via e-mail, SMS text messages, Flickr, and Web browser.

What it does it pulls photos down from the site where you set up an account ($5.99/mo) that gets tied to the frame you have. You can allow people to send photos to your account, where they are stored by Vizit. A useful application of this model is to give a frame to your non-tech-savvy family members and you can control their frame and what photos they see. Think: great for surprising them with the latest baby pictures.

The frame itself is a 10.4″ LCD-backlit touchscreen with a 800×600 resolution, and also has USB 2.0 and SD Card slots. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

As much as I love the idea of hooking it up directly via a cellular network, I’d still like to see it come with an Ethernet jack.

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Price: $279.99
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