VITO FindMe – Geolocate Your Windows Mobile Friends

Just 2 days ago, we posted about the Sprint/loopt GPS service to help you find your friends. Just ran across a similar service from an outfit called VITO, called VITO FindMe. It’s a free GPS app that helps you find your friends by sending an SMS. Here’s how it works. You install the FindMe app on your phone, set up a codeword that you give to your friends. When they want to ‘find you’, they send you a special SMS with that codeword, and they’ll get an SMS response with your coordinates. They can punch those coordinates into Google Maps to see where you are.

Definitely a whole lot more involved than the Sprint/loopt service. VITO FindMe only works on Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0 Pocket PC phones with built-in GPS or attached GPS receivers.

via coolsmartphone.

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