Uzi Protector Watch w/ Tritium Self-illuminating Display

Uzi Protector Watch How would you like to wear a little radioactive isotope of hydrogen on your wrist? Of course you would! This Uzi Protector Watch features tritium illumination which is known as T, 3H or Hydrogen-3, which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

Where else have you seen tritium illumination, you might ask? Other watches (not nearly as cool as this one), glowing novelty keychains, self-illuminated exit signs, glow-in-the-dark equipment for military use, analog dials in aircraft, compasses, and sights for some weapons. Even some old rotary telephones used tritium illumination, but since they’re all really old now they don’t produce much light. The Uzi Protector Watch is classic geek black with a metal band, tritium illuminated display, and rotating bezel. Swiss movement means it’ll always be on time (even if you’re not) and the battery will last up to 3 years. But really, it’s all about the tritium, baby.

You’ll be glowing when you wear this watch!

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