UV Hawk

UV Hawk

If you’re a pasty white geek afraid of facing the sun without SPF 1001 sunscreen, the Geeks have found a gizmo for you (and me!)… the UV Hawk. The device has four skin tone options that help eliminate sunburns dependant on your skin type. The portable device shows accurate UV index and the safe amount of time to spend in the sun. Even on overcast days I bet I should not stay outdoors for more than 1 minute!

Protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays! The UV Hawkâ„¢ is a handy device that measures the intensity of ultraviolet light radiation. UV light rays have been linked to sunburns, skin cancer, and other health problems. The UV Hawk allows you to test the UV index quickly and easily before you spend prolonged time at the beach, in the garden, or at a sporting event — anywhere you’ll be exposed to prolonged sunlight. The UV Hawk’s advanced software allows you to adjust settings according to your skin tone and sun block’s SPF rating, allowing for more accurate indications of burn exposure.

The UV Hawk is easy to use. Expose this UV index device to direct sunlight. The display will show the current UV index, your indicated SPF blockage, your designated skin tone, and the current temperature, as well as a countdown timer. When the displayed amount of time elapses, an alarm will sound to remind you to take action to decrease your risk of sunburn. The countdown timer alternates with a percentage display of maximum suggested sun exposure to avoid sunburns.

Price: $49.99
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