USB Powered Shaver

USB Powered Shaver

Let’s face it, we geeks sometimes let our personal grooming habits become afterthoughts. Why bother to shave when you spend your day sitting in front of your computer screen writing code? Unfortunately, your boss, or your new clients, like to see a clean-shaven geek taking care of their code. It shows a certain level of respect and thoughtfulness. Yeah, it’s all a big lie, after all, what does a 5 o’clock shadow have to do with your bounds-checking abilities?

You know as well as we do that you can be a god behind the keyboard, but the pencil-pushers and middle-managers like well-groomed geeks hard at work. It’s all for show, but in today’s cutthroat world of IT, it could be the difference between getting a promotion, and getting fired.

Nothing beats a good sharp razor and hot water, but when it’s an emergency, you can whip out your portable, rechargable, USB powered shaver, and get that stubble off of your face, tut suite! Come to work smooth as a baby’s butt, and watch your other coworkers glare at you with envious eyes as you get that raise and corner office. Suckers…

Price: $24.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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