News from around the Foundry

The Geeks have been busy expanding the Foundry with blogs like Gizmos for Babies and Geekfoolery and our new community site called Mvix Community.

This past week Gizmos for Babies featured several gadgets for baby parents including The Only Infant Care Timer, a Baby Shoe Saver and a Baby Cry No More. Mr. Alex of Geekfoolery wrote several interesting articles including Credit where credit isn’t due and The “Princess and the Pea” Syndrome.

Mvix Community opened just a month ago and there have already been 447 registrations resulting in 375 members (some people have not finished the registration process yet). MvixUSA teamed up with us to provide the following prizes:

  • 5% off coupon for the first 100 members
  • Two of the first 100 members get a $25 Amazon Gift certificate
  • One of the first 250 members gets an Mvix MV-5000R

If you haven’t checked out an Mvix device or Mvix Community… the Geeks recommend it!

One last news item, the Geeks will be making a major platform change on the Gizmos for Geeks site soon allowing for easier commenting, trackbacks, etc…

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