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USB Duplicator Nexcopy announced earlier this week their USB200PC USB Duplicator is available for purchase providing an economical and easy way to allow companies to dupe their own flash memory sticks. Copying from a master location, you can make quick work of 20 dupes of a flash drive allowing small and large companies to provide sales staff with literature on a flash drive for sales calls or a trade show or provide engineering staff and consultants the ability to bring the latest version of the product to upgrade on site (this seems to be the preferred method as several products I deal with send a consultant with USB in hand for upgrades).

The software used with the Nexcopy USB200PC USB duplicator not only dupes flash drives but has an option to duplicate only new and newer data meaning you don’t have to over-write current data on the flash drive. This function also updates an old file with the newer version. This feature in itself makes USB drive flash management extremely easy and convenient.


Suggested Price: $1,299

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  2. Thomas Aldrich

    That would be real sweet if you could hookup 20 300GB external HDs and have it operate as a single 6TB HD.

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