USB 802.11n/g WiFi Adapters

Belkin Wireless N+ Adapter

Most modern laptops today have their WiFi adapters built in, but if you have an older laptop and would rather not shell out just to get WiFi, here are some USB WiFi adpaters models that will help you get online without wires.

The fast…

If it’s speed you’re after, the Belkin Wireless N+ 802.11n USB adapter (~$75) shouldn’t do you far wrong – the adapter takes 802.11n connections (as the name suggests), is MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)  enabled, but is also backwards compatible with wireless-g and 802.11b routers. It comes with a very pleasing desk stand should you wish to use it for your desktop.

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The small…

Recently we took a look at the Mvix Nubbin (~$37) – the world’s smallest WiFi adapter, so it only seems fair to include it here. Fortunately the only thing small about it is the size (18mm long excluding the USB plug!). It is 802.11n compliant and is backward compatible with802.11b/g and 802.1e – perfect for getting your old laptop up to speed without too much hanging off the side!

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The cheap…

We might just be seeing the first green shoots of recovery in the economy, but that’s no reason to stop bargain hunting. While it is possible to get an adapter on Amazon for just shy of $8, there are reports of them getting really hot so it might be best to consider a slightly more expensive one – the Encore ENUWI-G2. A steal at ~$11, it might just be good enough to get you going if you’re on a tight budget – just don’t expect something pretty!

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The recommended…

If you scour the Internet looking for reliable and recommended USB WiFi adapters you will find that Linksys, D-Link and Netgear top the list, so it’s not a bad idea to stick with those brands. A good choice in this category would be the D-Link Xtreme N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Adapter (~$70) – not much of a looker, but will set up quickly and reliably for all your surfing needs.

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