‘Type’ faster on a Mobile using SlideIT and/or ThumbKey

If you’ve got a Windows Mobile-based device with a touch screen, and you’re terrible at texting/writing quickly, then take a look at these products from Israeli company, Dasur. First up is SlideIT which is an app that combines a keyboard, graffiti as well as predictive text. It’s best explained by taking a look at their video demo. After the jump, we’ll also look at their ThumbKey product.

While SlideIT uses a screen pen to input the text a la Palms, ThumbKey helps you to use your thumbs a la Blackberrys. Again, take a look at the video demo, but its essential advantage is in intelligently figuring out which key you meant to press by ignoring the ones that weren’t hit as much.

SlideIT goes for $40 and ThumbKey is $25. You can download trials as well.

via Mobile Gadget News.