ProAim Virtual Alignment Trainer

With the Masters tournament kicking off today, the Geeks decided we’d feature a few golf items through the Masters week and weekend. Grab these golf gizmos for a easier time on the links! ProAimâ„¢ “virtual alignment” trainer is only $59.95 but will pay for itself quickly as you “putt for dough” from four, five or… Continue reading ProAim Virtual Alignment Trainer

Body Fat Manager with Body Mass Index Calculator

Sharper Image Design’s innovative new Body Fat Manager brings a personal fitness trainer to the palm of your hand. This pocket-size, gym-ready electronic device quickly and easily estimates and displays your Body Fat Percentage. What’s more, it helps you to set and achieve fitness goals by tracking targeted calories gained and lost through eating and… Continue reading Body Fat Manager with Body Mass Index Calculator

Gyroflex Wrist Exerciser

You may have already seen one of these very cool toys floating around in someone’s office somewhere and thought it was a neat little toy. But it’s not merely a toy. The Gyroflex can improve your coordination, strengthen your grip, build your forearms, and really exercise your hands and fingers. The Gyroflex can do all… Continue reading Gyroflex Wrist Exerciser

Valentine’s Day: Geek Love Poem T-shirt

The eloquence of a few lines of verse can be a powerful thing. Poetry can cause you to pause and think about life. It can incite feelings of rage. A good poem can even bring you to tears. We’re not sure where this one lies in the spectrum of emotional reactions, but we’re thinking somewhere… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Geek Love Poem T-shirt

Firefly Solar Garden Art

Harness the power of the sun to beautify your garden! The Firefly Solar Garden Art uses solar energy to glow all night long. During the day the sun charges its included batteries through the solar panel, and the Firefly’s photocell senses the oncoming dusk, increasing its glow as the evening progresses.

Pedometer / Speedometer / Radio / Stopwatch

This compact device clips to your waistband and is an all-in-one pedometer, speedometer, odometer, digital alarm clock, stopwatch and FM scan tuner — everything you need to track your jog while listening to uplifting music! The built-in radio features one-touch volume control, auto-scan FM tuner and included earbuds that stay comfortably in place during your… Continue reading Pedometer / Speedometer / Radio / Stopwatch