A fusion of technology and personality, the Robosapien marks a tremendous advance in remote activated robotic function. Standing over a foot tall, this completely interactive robot has the ability to walk, dance and groove, as well as pick up and throw items. This robotic wonder also delivers several combinations of strike and chops. The fluid… Continue reading Robosapien

X-Chip: Speed up your XBOX

Unlock the power of your XBOX! The new X-CHIP includes 4MB of Flash memory, 2Mb of SRAM and is USB and CPLD programmable! The Solderless Adapter is compatible with XBOX versions 1.0 – 1.5 (only available with the combo, or sold separately above). The X-CHIP is compatible with all current XBOX versions (1.6 requires soldering).

Core LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming: Unleash the Power of the Java Platform

LEGO Mindstorms robots can do more than you ever imagined! The secret: go beyond the built-in tools and leverage the power of Java. In Core LEGO Mindstorms, author Brian Bagnall shows you how, step by step. Working from beautifully rendered 3-D plans and photographs, you’ll construct five unique robots. You’ll master advanced proximity and compass… Continue reading Core LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming: Unleash the Power of the Java Platform

Cell Phone for your Dog

Especially handy since you’ll finally be able to call up your dog and let them know you’re going to be a few minutes late meeting them for sushi at Masa, PetsMobility have a new cellphone for animals out called the PetsCell that you attach to one of their paws and that automatically answers when you… Continue reading Cell Phone for your Dog

Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser

Feline Frolic!â„¢ the remote-controlled cat exerciser, uses an animated toy mouse at the end of a bobbing wand to entice your cat to bat, pounce, chase and generally go crazy. The playful and chaotic movements drive your cat wild with this hyperactive stand-in for your cat’s favorite prey! At the same time, you’ll provide a… Continue reading Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser