To-Do Genius App Uses AI To Help You Plan Your Day

To-Do GeniusTo-Do Genius is a neat iPhone app to help organize your life. While it’s a complex productivity program with a multitude of features (including its own proprietary AI engine) it has a very simple user interface.

It comes in two versions, Lite and Premium. Lite has all the same features as Premium but you are restricted to 5 simultaneous to-do notes. Premium costs $3.99.

When you open the application, you are presented with the home interface, allowing you to add a to-do, view your to-do list, or ask the Genie AI what you should complete. This is where the magic happens. Rub the genie lamp and a new menu opens where you can put in information such as where you are and how much time you have (don’t worry, it’s a lot quicker than it sounds). The genie engine will then tell you what you should be doing. Decisions have never been so easy, right?

To-Do Genius Communication Center

You also have the option of splitting your life into work and private, and have separate to-do lists for each one. You can switch between modes from the easy-to-use homes interface and then ask the genie what you should be doing about these tasks.

Another neat feature is the genie will work out which to-dos are close to each other, and then rearrange these so you can do them together, saving time and energy! It further has the ability to make calls, send emails, view maps, surf the Web, text and more from inside the app, and allows you to create sub-to-dos inside to-dos if they’re becoming too big to handle.

Aside from that is all the standard stuff such as syncing with your computer’s calendar, view to-do notes by day, urgency or situation, and set times for each to-do to have a reminder pop up on your phone and much more, check out the features here.

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