The Unix geek’s clock of choice – the Epoch Alarm Clock

thinkgeek epoch alarm clockAfter pranking you with the iCade for iPad, we figure we may as well lay some real gadgets from ThinkGeek on you.

Here is a super-geeky Epoch Alarm Clock, which can display the time in multiple different formats, including binary and hexadecimal. My favorite? Of course, it has to be why the clock was named: the time since the Unix epoch (Jan 1, 1970).

Yes, this also functions as a working alarm clock, with snooze, and has USB ports so you can charge up those gazillion USB gadgets you have. Now, if it only ran about the room like Clocky

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3 thoughts on “The Unix geek’s clock of choice – the Epoch Alarm Clock”

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  3. Beware of the alarm function on this clock!!! If you set the alarm on the hour (ex: 7:00) it will go off one hour late. If you need to get up on the hour set the alarm for one minute before or after the hour (ex: 6:59 or 7:01). The first clock that I had did this and after exchanging it for a second clock, the alarm did the same thing. ThinkGeek will not admit to a defect in the alarm circuit. If this problem has been fixed, I would like to hear from ThinkGeek about it and get a clock that works.

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