The Green Microgym’s members powers its lights, reduces its CO2 footprint

the green microgymIf you live in Portland, OR, and want to improve your carbon footprint while getting/staying in shape, then take a look at The Green Microgym. In a nutshell, Green Microgym (TGM) offers an environmentally-conscious gym experience.

The actual neat details include the fact that the exercise machines are hooked up to the building’s energy grid, and your workouts actually help to power the lights and other electricity needs. TGM estimates that their carbon footprint is less than half if they were run as a regular gym.

Another nice benefit is that for every hour you workout, you get a $1 credit towards their store. Workout for 10 hours and you get a 50% off coupon at a local adidas store.

They’re franchising, so you can grab your own TGM for your town.


  1. I love the idea of having a green microgym. It's environmentally right. The engineering sounds so good that you can get health conscious and at the same time, be environmentally conscious.
    I hope the gym expands to using the weights as well. I'd love to find if they can innovate a way to transfer the energy you do by doing bench presses to electrical energy. Good job and two thumbs up to the inventor!

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