The Gizmos for Geeks State of the Union

During the relatively short time that we, Gizmos for Geeks, have been around, we have grown into more than 1 Web property, placed everything under a new corporate umbrella, and made a number of good Net friends. It has been a rollercoaster ride. We’ve had ups and downs, but are still around, and have plans for many improvements. For example, we are aware of some issues with our flagship site (GfG), and are working to get those fixed ASAP. On the bright side, we’ve also experienced some additions to our family, including some new blogs in the way of Geekfoolery, NonPCGeeks and Gizmos for Babies and a new forum community, MvixCommunity, that focuses on Mvix products (Mvix makes incredibly feature-rich media players, by the way – they are worth checking out).

We want to thank you, our members, for hanging out with us and helping us maintain our small presence in this huge Universe that we call the Internet. We hope to continue to bring you more quality gadget coverage as well as more interesting sites in the future. As POTUS may be (in)famous for saying, “the state of the union is strong and vibrant”. Stay tuned!