“That’s gonna leave a mark”… Top Ten Wii Accidents

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Wii gaming, the PC Magazine editors have named the top 10 Wii-related accidents to date and the winners are:

  1. Crack in television
  2. Hole in window
  3. Wiimote-shaped dent in wall
  4. Shattered 4-inch PDA screen
  5. Severed blad from ceiling fan
  6. Broken chair from Zelda fishing
  7. Hole in mother-in-law’s china cabinet
  8. Four stitches in index finger
  9. Black eye on girlfriend
  10. Bruise on infant son’s head

I can’t wait until one of the detective shows like Monk incorporates a Wii-related accident into a murder.

For documentation on all Wii-related accidents, check out Wii Have A Problem.com.