Technology week in view: 25th March 2008

Great Easter break? Have you eaten all of your Easter eggs yet? With two small children in the house we still have quite a few to get through but we’re back at work already and a few hours in it feels like we haven’t been away. The snow is really trying to break through at the moment and the kids promise me I am first in line for a snowball so every time they see a few flakes on go the wellies. It is also that time of year when many of our support contracts come up for renewal. One of these in particular involves a service for remotely supporting the user base and with so many solutions now on offer the question comes down to Which remote support solution to choose? Whilst supporting remote users it may be worth considering the storage space a user takes up and one in particular is storage for user ‘behind the scenes’ data which was discussed recently in Windows User Profile Considerations and talking of remote users perhaps you should consider uninterruptible power – just in case the snow takes your power lines down? If so, here are Eight tips for running a UPS.

Spam is always a problem but these days it feels like its spiraling out of control. There are many ways of dealing with spam such as white listing, black listing, gray listing but the problem comes about When spam is not spam. This makes it trickier to deal with and who really wants to trawl through thousands of emails attempting to sell you all manner of things you never wanted in the first place just in case an important customer order is lost in the free fall?

It is sad to read about Windows XP nearing the end of its life as it has served us well for a very long time now and I guess it’s time to start embracing Vista which is still in my top drawer waiting to be installed. For those of you still on XP however I have a few tips this week including How to get information about your XP setup and How to clear the drop down address bar in Internet Explorer.

For a lighter look at technology Monk has been considering whether the grass is really greener on the other side in Monk104: The grass is always greener….

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