teamslide: Web-based Presentation Application

German company, telepark, is billing its teamslide application as the 1st remote slide presentation software that needs no download and works across all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and on any device as well as being the to integrate Powerpoint slides with Skype. Although I can’t vouch for the ‘1st’ part, I can say that this is a cool application, another example of Web 2.0 at work. Essentially, you can create presentations and have them be viewable in a web browser anywhere. You can choose who you wish to invite to your presentations and the whole thing is clean and pretty slick with some AJAX-based functions thrown in. The best part is that they offer a free plugin to convert your Powerpoint slideshows into teamslide format. Pricing starts at $99 for the single-presenter mode. You should check out the demo – you’ll instantly get what this does. Here’s a PDF version of the press release.