Take notes on the go with kwiry

Recently launched web service kwiry (sounds like “query”) helps you to track your notes and thoughts as you move through your day with only your cell phone. It’s quite simple really. Text your note/thing to remember/thought to K-W-I-R-Y (59479) and that note is added to the rest of your notes (or kwirys as they call them) in your kwiry account. I took kwiry for a spin and wrote up my thoughts here (instead of kwiry’ing it).

kwiryFirst of all, sign up literally took less than 1 minute, and I soon got a confirmation text. Two quick follow up texts to kwiry meant I was confirmed and new kwirys that I send are now logged in my account without sending me confirmation texts. The kwiry website interface is nice and clean and it’s easy to navigate to your kwirys. Additionally clicking your kwirys takes you to a Web search of those keywords. For example, you may have noticed a new movie poster or traler that you wanted to check out some more, and now your kwiry account can take you straight to the search results for that movie name if you texted it in.

kwiry doesn’t stop there. It offers social networking capabilities as well (and who’s to blame them?), mainly allowing your friends to see your kwirys. It also offers a Facebook application that reads your kwirys and sticks them onto your FB profile.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with kwiry. Simple to learn and use, practical, and free. I do wonder what their business model is, but I’ll leave that up to them. However, I do wonder whether it will be used, particularly by people like me who already have smartphones that can take notes and/or send e-mail. If you only have a non-smartphone, then this is extremely useful, and as a GTD-er, I would use it all the time. But having said that, I’m going to think about how I could integrate kwiry into my GTD system. After all, so many times we can take tools that were designed for one thing and adapt them – sometimes extremely well – to other purposes. Of course, there are always folks who like certain tools better than others for a variety of reasons and kwiry may just have come along at the right moment to take advantage of a perceived gap.