The tech world around you … by the numbers

Fantastic 5 minute video that gives a great insight into the impact that technology is having on all of our lives, the economy and job market. What’s the bottom line? Mostly unknown. However, if I were a student right now, it should give me pause as I’m trying to decide what direction to point my… Continue reading The tech world around you … by the numbers

Cheapest Laptop – now at $130

Taiwanese company, Carapelli Ltd., is selling what is currently being billed as the world’s cheapest laptop. The Impulse NPX-9000 laptop is a tiny guy in more than 1 respect – 7″ screen, 500Mhz CPU (brand?), 128MB RAM, 1GB flash storage. It naturally comes with Linux and a bunch of (probably open source) productivity software. Just… Continue reading Cheapest Laptop – now at $130

25% of the planet online in 2012

Perhaps you’re thinking that # should be higher, but then again, this isn’t really surprising, is it? After all, 2012 is only a few years away, and even in the country of the Internet’s birth (the US), uptake is less than 75%. Appropriately enough, the highest growth will be in high economic growth/’emerging’ countries like… Continue reading 25% of the planet online in 2012