iWallet – Tamper-Resistant with a Fingerprint Reader for Authentication

If you’re worried about your wallet getting stolen, then you may want to take a look at the iWallet. No, it’s not another Apple product, but is a ruggedized, tamper-resistant wallet that uses your fingerprint for access authentication.

You can get your iWallet in one of three different materials: 100% carbon fiber, carbon fiber with kevlar or fiber glass. Teh carbon fiber models are $600, while the fiber glass models that come in a variety of colors rings in at $300.

Just One Club Card

Loyalty Cards

Another nifty innovation we just had to feature here at GfG is the ‘Just One Club Card’. This is a free website (a donation is asked for, but there is no mandatory payment) that allows you to type in the barcode of all your loyalty cards for your favorite stores and then print all these off all on one handy card-sized piece of paper.

Just think about how many cards you have in your wallet at the moment – these could all be reduced down into a series of 1 or 2 cards (each print-off can hold 8 barcodes) that will seriously de-clutter your wallet/purse.

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