Are Google and Verizon still getting together to speed Google’s traffic to Verizon customers?

After last week’s New York Times story about Google and Verizon getting into bed to (presumably) discuss flaunting the net neutrality convention, Google was quick to respond that they were doing no such thing. Verizon and Google then quickly followed that up with a press conference today to further repudiate the claim and have also published a joint policy proposal backing an ‘open Internet’. This proposal even includes enforceable prohibition of traffic favoritism.

Now, what they’re saying quietly is that wireless and wired will get separate treatment. In a related op-ed piece, Robert Cringely thinks that while Google and Verizon may be publicly backing net neutrality, they may still be getting together to help each other out, possibly with data centers in shipping containers plopped right down next to Verizon data centers and major Internet access points. Sounds crazy, but isn’t.

Who to believe? Time will tell. Us little end-consumer folks can only hope it works out well for us.

The iPhone is coming to Verizon

iPhone 4At long last after much discussion, the iPhone will be making its debut on Verizon’s CDMA cellular network in January 2011. So far this is unofficial, but was reported by Bloomberg who had 2 sources within Apple/Verizon.

The timing is interesting given that the iPhone 4G was just released on AT&T’s network. Six (6) months is not a terribly long time to wait for Apple’s latest incarnation of the iPhone on an arguably better network. What remains to be seen is what Verizon will sell those phones and plans for and how competitive it will be with AT&T who has recently moved away from unlimited data plans.

AT&T drops more than other providers

Gizmodo reports that while AT&T has actually improved performance around dropped calls lately, a survey from ChangeWave Research reports that 4.5% of calls placed on the AT&T mobile network are dropped which is three times as many as Verizon users.

AT&T and T-Mobile each share only a 23% customer approval rating which provides a good correlation with dropped calls.

Source: Gizmodo

Rumors: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 out in June, and the iPhone 4G goes to Verizon

One analyst (Peter Misek) has some bold predictions on what Steve Jobs will announce next week (in addition to the much anticipated Apple Tablet, supposedly called the iTablet – no surprise there).

iphoneRumor #1: he’ll announce and show off the latest version of the iPhone OS: v4.0.

Rumor #2: he’ll announce that Verizon will start selling the iPhone 4G in summer. This will be big news as it will suddenly expose the iPhone to the largest single carrier market, and it may also impact Palm’s latest decision to launch their Pre and Pixi on Verizon.

via Barrons

Verizon Rolling Out Unlimited Plans, New Pricing

verizon logoVerizon is overhauling their voice, text and family cell phone plans and throwing in a couple of unlimited talk plans starting at $70/mo, although their pricing, when you include data, doesn’t seem as competitive as Sprint or T-Mobile.

You be the judge, but remember that price alone doesn’t make a happy mobile customer – witness the unhappy iPhone AT&T folks!

via BGR

CES 2010: Verizon Getting Palm webOS Phones – Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

verizon palm pre plus pixiPalm is getting their new webOS handsets onto other networks. First up is Verizon which is getting updated versions of both the Pre and the Pixi.

The Pre Plus is pretty much like the original Pre, but will have twice the memory for a faster experience, and 16GB of storage. It also drops the physical center button.

The Pixi Plus will add Wi-Fi to its feature list. Pricing will probably be similar to what’s on Sprint and will be available Jan 25.

One of the more unique and compelling reasons to get one of these Palm devices on Verizon is the ability to create a mobile hotspot out of your Pre or Pixi that can connect up to 5 other WiFi devices. Unfortunately, it’s only via EV-DO. Perhaps Sprint should lobby for these phones and get Internet connections over WiMax.

[press release]

Novatel MiFi 2200 – Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot modem (for Sprint or Verizon)

I really like the idea of the Novatel Mi-Fi devices – a mobile Wi-Fi modem that lets you create your very own Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere there is Verizon or Sprint cell coverage. Sure, you have to have one of their broadband service plans, but the device is free (well, $0.01) when you purchase a subscription. It’s useless anyway without one.

The MiFi 2200 is compact (3.5″ at its widest) and thin (0.4″) so it’s easy to slip into your laptop bag. This EVDO Rev A modem has transfer rates in the 600Kbps to 1.4Mbps range, and can support up to 5 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g devices. It runs on a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via a USB connection and gives up to 4 hours of active time and 40 hours of standby time.

As an example of what you might pay for broadband service, Sprint costs about $60/mo and Verizon has a few plans, one of which is $40/mo. Check with them for up to date numbers.

The Novatel MiFi 2200 seems perfect for small businesses that want to provide service to customers coming into their store or even their own employees; or perhaps if your job requires a fair amount of travel with other colleagues; or you’re a student that likes sharing. There are a lot of potential uses for this gadget.

Buy now! (Sprint)
Buy now! (Verizon)
Price: $0.01 (with service plan)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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