Canon Launches New EOS Rebel

Canon Rebel EOS T2iThe Canon EOS Rebel T2i is seen as the ‘flagship’ of Canon’s entry-level digital SLRs (so it’s the best of the worst, right?). While the camera is relatively similar to the previous EOS Rebel, a lot of the features have improved slightly to produce a more feature-packed high-specification camera all round.

The resolution on this camera is an impressive 18 megapixels and the screen is as large as you’d expect on a camera of this quality – it is also easy to use; a bonus compared to some of its competitors! The resolution of the camera means that photos produced are 6 foot by 4 foot in actual size, should you ever wish to print them out at 100% (stock up on those ink cartridges). …

Cloak Bag hides your SLR camera, but unflaps for quick use

Design company Naranja Studio has come up with a solution for what they felt was a missing product – a bag that hides your camera while still giving you quick access to it – the Cloak Bag.

cloak bag

The impetus behind the Cloak Bag was a visit to a foreign country with a big shiny SLR camera, and becoming a target because of it.

The Cloak Bag attaches to your camera and totally encloses it. But when you need to pull it out quickly, 2 flaps on the front and back allow you to use your camera, while it’s still pretty hidden or should I say cloaked?

You can get the Cloak Bag in a light gray or a darker coffee color.

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