FOTOBOX Plus automagically creates slideshows from your digital photos

fotobox plusPlug your SD memory card with digital photographs into Honestech’s FOTOBOX, plug the FOTOBOX in your PC and the FOTOBOX application runs you through a quick wizard and quickly creates a slideshow complete with effects.

You can transfer the finished product to DVD, YouTube, your iPod or save on your computer. That’s it!

Honestech makes the excellent VHS to DVD product (VHS to DVD Deluxe) that we reviewed previously.

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Price: $52.25
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Fotoviewr – turn your Flickr photos into a slideshow

Fotoviewr is a new (free) Web-based service to turn your Flickr (or SmugMug) photos into a cooler interactive slideshow for your friends and family. You could easily get a slideshow set up in less than a minute with Fotoviewr – just plug in a Flickr/SmugMug username, then select the photoset you want to display and third, the type of slideshow you want. Fotoviewr has 6 different types of slideshows from a carousel to a wall of photos to a pile of photos on the floor.

While I love Flickr for its clean website, I find it a bit slow. Fotoviewr speeds things up by preloading the photos and making it significantly faster to browse. Fotoviewr has also built an application for you Facebook junkies.

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