GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 15, 2009

This past week we took a look at the very beautiful (although perhaps not awfully practical) glass foosball table from Teckell. We reviewed a powerful nutrition scale to help you keep an eye on what you eat.

Virgin Galatic is looking to offer uber short long haul flights and we reported on the new bill that may overturn the current online gambling ban in the US.

Google is always tweaking and improving their products and they’ve added tasks to G Calendar..

In the media center category, we featured the latest Netgear networked multimedia device – the Entertainer Elite, but in even bigger news, it looks like MvixUSA is about to roll out their much-awaited next-gen Media Center Player, successor to the MX-780HD.

A little coupon love to finish things off – $25 off SmartHome!

Oxo Food Scales

Oxo Weighing Scales

This set of food scales is something a bit out of the ordinary – instead of having your display on a little screen under that big mixing dish where you can’t quite see it, it pulls out to allow for easy reading.

Apart from the pull-out, backlit display, the scales are pretty much like any other electric scales – they support zeroing so that you can put a dish on the scales, zero them, then weigh the weight of whatever you put in them. They can also take up to 11 pounds, which should be more than enough for the domestic baker.

via Kitchen Contraptions

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