Ruik’s Cube Goes Electronic with a Touchscreen

If you’re not interested in trying something completely new from Rubik (like the Rubik 360), but maybe want an upgrade on your 35-yr old Rubik’s Cube, then why not get the ‘electronic’ version? Yup, there is now a touchscreen Rubik’s Cube. No need to rotate the sides any more. Just swipe your finger along the… Continue reading Ruik’s Cube Goes Electronic with a Touchscreen

Rubik’s Cube 360 – puzzle

Professor Rubik is at it again. This time, he has invented the potentially maddening Rubik’s Cube 360. The goal of the 360 is to guide 6 different colored balls into their matching compartments. Simple, right? Not so fast. There are 3 concentric, transparent spheres that the balls can travel along, you have to spin the… Continue reading Rubik’s Cube 360 – puzzle