Robotics, robots, bots – a pictorial

Robotics research continues unabashedly as the human race strives to capture their essence in machinery, or at least put together a C-3PO! has a great photo essay of all kinds of robots from the recent past, although there seems to be a preponderance of androids. My favorite is of course, the soccer-playing bot! Hint:… Continue reading Robotics, robots, bots – a pictorial

SkyNet Research Needs You!

Heard the news? SkyNet has just gone public with their new advanced robotic systems that they’ve been working on for many years, and are now open to the general public’s viewing for feedback! Check it out! Okay, sorry, it’s not true; it’s actually a promotion for Terminator Salvation due to be released this year –… Continue reading SkyNet Research Needs You!

Boston Dynamics’ ‘Big Dog’ robot stays upright on all types of surfaces

There really isn’t much to say that this video doesn’t convey visually. Futurists and filmmakers need to instantly revise how they envision robots in the future. R2-D2 almost seems silly when you consider Big Dog, a prototype from Boston Dynamics which is being funded by DARPA. This is scary in how amazing it is.