Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub

Be the envy of your friends while you silently worship the dark side with this Vader bust USB hub. If your alliance is with the Rebels, check out the R2D2 USB hub ($39.99).

Plug in to the dark side! Never will you have to disconnect that printer cable to make way for your iPod or anything else again! With this 4-port Darth Vader USB Hub, you can plug in your peripherals and listen to the Dark Lord breathe while you do. Imported from Japan, it’s a fun and functional adjunct to your Star Wars Mac or PC computer setup, and a Force-ful gift idea for a friend!

Check out the video below showing what happens when you plug in the Darth Vader USB Hub.

The R2-D2 Aquarium

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R2-D2 of Star Wars fame has been turned into soooo many things, and now this, an aquarium. To top it off, his head even spins around and he makes his familiar bleep and bloop noises.

Naturally, the feeding door is in his head. It measures 30″x16″x16″, so large enough for some small fish (it holds almost 2 gallons of water), and light enough for you to carry around easily. The tank also lights up with red, blue and gree LED lights.

Honestly, every time I see a gadget/thingie like this, I wonder why I’m not off inventing stuff.

BTW, if you’re into R2-D2 gadgets, you can get an R2-D2 peppermill, speakers, and even a trashcan!

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Price: $129.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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