AT&T Fail… again

Ordering through the AT&T site is down, must be June and time to pre-order the new iPhone… You’d think AT&T would have learned their lesson by now. AT&T has failed again under the demand for pre-orders of the iPhone 4. Gadget blogs throughout the blog-iverse are reporting that the connections to AT&T have been failing… Continue reading AT&T Fail… again

$10 Off Pre-orders of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Atari’s new party game, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for the Wii, drops on March 17th. The game improves considerably from the Wii Sports boxing game with 18 caricatured boxers which are parodies of celebrities from sports, music and music. The games looks like it will be a party hit. Amazon has the game $10 off… Continue reading $10 Off Pre-orders of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution