PC Prankster USB Stick Mischeviously ‘Takes Over’ Your Friend’s Computer

Ha! I love this – it’s the perfect gadget for revenge, April Fool’s day, or just as a prank or giggles. Just plug this USB thumb stick into your friend/enemy’s machine when they’re not looking and it takes over randomly turning CAPS lock on and off, typing out random garbage, and moving the mouse.

You can set a time-delay on it, so it only starts working some amount of time after you plug it in. It’s only mischievous, but not malevolent, so it doesn’t activate the Enter key or open/close/save documents, etc.

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Phantom Keystroker

Office pranks can be fun… remember the Annoy-a-tron?

Welcome to the next generation of office pranks… the Phantom Keystroker. The Phantom Keystroker may look like a harmless circuit board, but it’s actually a devious contraption of unlimited office-based torture. Simply discreetly attach the Phantom Keystroker to any extra USB port on your victim’s computer, no drivers needed. The Keystroker emulates a keyboard and mouse and periodically makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbage text and phrases. A simple jumper setting allows you to choose between either keyboard garbage typing, annoying mouse movements or both. An adjustment pot sets the duration between “events”. We recommend you don’t set it too frequently so as to extend the agony. Your hapless co-worker pal will think his computer has been possessed or infected by a destructive virus. As he writhes in anger and furiously dials tech support you can rest easy with a job well done.


Suggested Price: $24.99

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