Emergency USB Charger – for phone, MP3 player, etc.

Emergency Charger for iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone, etcHere’s another emergency USB charger, this one powered by 2 AA batteries. Not a bad deal for under $10, and it includes a tiny built-in LED light for grins.

However, I can’t say I love the idea of using batteries. I’d rather have it either use a rechargeable battery or even better, be solar rechargeable (like the iTech SolarCharger).

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Price: $8.50
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The iPhone is coming to Verizon

iPhone 4At long last after much discussion, the iPhone will be making its debut on Verizon’s CDMA cellular network in January 2011. So far this is unofficial, but was reported by Bloomberg who had 2 sources within Apple/Verizon.

The timing is interesting given that the iPhone 4G was just released on AT&T’s network. Six (6) months is not a terribly long time to wait for Apple’s latest incarnation of the iPhone on an arguably better network. What remains to be seen is what Verizon will sell those phones and plans for and how competitive it will be with AT&T who has recently moved away from unlimited data plans.

Read This Before You Buy an iPhone 4

iPhone 4By Andrew Eisner,‘s Director of Community and Content

Whether you have an iPhone or some other phone, now is a great time to move up to a new smartphone like the new Apple iPhone 4, new Android based smartphone like the HTC EVO 4G or HTC Incredible, or even a new BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, or Motorola smartphone. However, before we get into our iPhone 4 vs. Android and others evaluation, we can probably save you some time by offering this recommendation: if you have an AT&T phone then an iPhone 4 is the obvious choice especially if you already have an unlimited data plan. Otherwise, the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint or the HTC Incredible on Verizon is a very tempting alternative to the new Apple iPhone 4. Here’s our analysis based on what we feel are the most important considerations.

sennheiser EZX 60 Bluetooth Headset

Review: Sennheiser EZX 60 Bluetooth Headset

sennheiser EZX 60 Bluetooth HeadsetToday, we’re reviewing Sennheiser’s Bluetooth headset, the EZX 60. The EZX 60 is a no-frills, lightweight, noise-cancelling Bluetooth 2.1 headset with long battery life.

The EZX 60 is a BT 2.1 +EDR set with compatibility with BT 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0, and the talk time is rated at up to 7.5 hours.

Introduction. Having been always impressed by Sennheiser’s audio quality in their headphones, I was eager to take their shot at Bluetooth headsets for a test drive. I was not disappointed. I’ll break it down by a few key areas.

Sprint’s HTC Evo goes on sale today

Sprint HTC EvoThe 1st WiMAX (802.16e 4G) Android device, the HTC Evo, goes on sale today on the Sprint Nextel network for $199 with a 2-yr contract. You can also purchase it from retailers Best Buy and Radio Shack.

The Evo has had a very positive reception since its unveiling in late March of this year. While the speed advantages are significant over current 3G networks (see video below), there is an additional cost of $10/month.  There is one additional benefit which AT&T and Apple have touted with their network and iPhones and that’s the ability to talk and use data services simultaneously. Expect this distinction to quickly fall away for Verizon and Sprint on their newer devices.

Palm acquired by HP

PalmPalm has been saved, purchased by HP for $1.2 billion, which was a premium on the stock price. This is a good deal for both companies. Palm was in serious trouble, with its new Pre and Pixi smartphones not selling very well, and its stock price tanking. HP on the other hand did not have much of a mobile presence, as its last real mobile device, the iPaq has been floundering in the face of iPhones, Android phones, etc.

The other big opportunity for both companies will be the potential for Palm’s new mobile OS, called webOS, to appear on even more devices including ‘slates’ and netbooks.  Perhaps with HP’s much larger market reach and marketing budget, the webOS app market may stand a chance of taking off.

HP Press Release

Apple employee loses next gen iPhone, Gizmodo gets it, dissects it

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

This has to be the story of the week so far – a new prototype Apple iPhone model (let’s say the 4G) was accidentally left in a pub, picked up by a random stranger, who tried to return it to Apple and then eventually sold it to Gizmodo for $5000.

Gizmodo has run a number of stories including: how the phone was lost, details and photos, and even a dissection of the device.

Here are some of the stats on what’s new in this iPhone:

  • front-facing webcame
  • micro-sim slot
  • seems to be a higher-res screen (maybe 960×640)
  • larger battery

Invisible SHIELD protects your gadget all around, not just the screen

invisible shieldHave you ever stopped and counted how many gadgets you have? I bet it’s more than you think. Some of them are probably pretty pricey so I’m sure you’d like to protect them as much as possible.

Now protecting your touchscreen device without affecting its touch ability can be tricky or at least can diminish its sensitivity. And you may not like gadget protectors that add to the gadget’s weight and size.

This is where Zagg’s invisibleSHIELD comes in – it’s a tough but clear screen protector that goes around the entire device and keeps it free from scratches, blemishes, etc. It comes with a squeegee and solution to apply the Shield, and if you decide against it, you pull it back off without damaging your phone.

It also has the advantage of being able to protect the screen of your device without interfering with any touch sensitivity. It’s strikes a nice balance of protecting your device while not interfering with the look and feel of it.

Devices supported include iPods & iPhones, PDAs, Laptops, Cameras and more. Even if your device isn’t supported, you may be able to buy an Invisible Shield skin for another device that is very similar in dimensions, but it’s best to talk to the vendor first.

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Price: prices range from $10 and up. As a GfG reader, you can get a 15% off discount with the coupon code of GizmosGeeks242.
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Motorola Droid can do what?!

Motorola is continuing its marketing push of the Droid with these fun videos of the Droid being used to perform unreal shortcuts. No, it’s not April 1st any more, but yes, these are ‘artistic creations’.

Here’s one:

You can see all 7 on YouTube.

LG eXpo GW820 smartphone can turn into a projector

LG expo cellWe don’t feature a lot of cell phones on GfG because there are entirely too many models and there are other sites that are dedicated to just that. But of course we feature the ‘big name’ ones and the newsworthy and unique.

The LG eXpo GW820 definitely fits the newsworthy category, as it’s the first handset to feature (an optional) snap-on pico projector. Yes, a projector, like the expensive ones you have in the office to show off those mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations on how badly your company is doing.

The (did we mention optional) projector weighs only 1.8 ounces and is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and can project an image up to 40″ in size. Not bad. However, it does kill the phone’s battery pretty quickly, so you’ll probably end up using the conventional office projector for long presentations/demos.

The phone itself is a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2″ touchscreen, 3G connectivity on AT&T, a 5MP camera, 802.11b/g WiFi, microSD card slot and runs Windows Mobile.

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More info from the manufacturer
Price: $99.99 with contract on AT&T. $179 for pico projector
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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