iOS 4.2 Released to Developers

Apple started notifying iOS developers that version 4.2 is in GM status and available for download.

In addition to fixing the iOS 4.1 DST bug, iOS 4.2 will bring the following features to the iPad:
– Multitasking
– Folders
– AirPlay wireless music, movie, and photo streaming
– Printing support over wireless networks
– Game Center for multiplayer and social gaming
– Unified and improved Mail inbox
– Search text within Safari
– Enhanced enterprise support
– Accessibility enhancements
– Keyboard and dictionary enhancements

Multitasking finally comes to the iPhone OS

iphone os 4 multitaskingAs anticipated, iPhone OS 4 will get multitasking. Apple is touting over 100 new features as well in this version. iPhone OS 4 will work with iPhone 3G and 3GS and iPod touches from late 2008 and newer. The iPad will get this update in Fall.

What else comes to your iPhone this summer? Of note: a unified e-mail inbox, iBooks, and folder organization for apps (at last). If you’re a developer, then you’ll get another way to monetize your apps via iAd, Apple’s new ad platform for iPhone apps.

If you’d like to see Steve Jobs’ full keynote, you can at Apple’s website.

Any multitasking while driving is dangerous

More research into this contentious area has shown that our brains simply aren’t built for multitasking, yet alone performing other tasks while driving. Research done by neuroscientist Marcel Just of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and his colleagues shows that using part of your brain for language processing reduces activity in the spatial regions used for driving. Since driving is the less-ingrained task, then that’s going to take even more of a hit.

But the reduction in ability isn’t limited to when you talk on the phone or with someone else in the car, but other things like attending to the radio, eating or dealing with kids or pets. Ok, so the research is there; now we as a society just need to accept it, and put the correct guidelines in place.

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