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livemocha online languageLooking to make that backpacking trip to Europe you’ve been talking about for years, but would like to learn some of the languages first? Take a look at online language education site, Livemocha, which has a number of free online courses in 36 different languages as well as more advanced, premium courses.

Livemocha takes your native language into account when determining how to ‘teach’ you.

PS> You may learn the language well enough not to need these translation glasses!

NEC Working on Retinal Imaging Language Translation Glasses

language translation retinal imaging glassesOne day you may be able to wear glasses that translate other languages in real-time and display them onto the glasses’ lenses so you can read it, if NEC is successful.

Called a retinal imaging display, the glasses incorporate a microphone and displays language as expressions. Surprisingly, NEC plans to have a product out in 2010, although it’ll probably be prohibitively expensive for the general public.

I wonder though about how efficient this would be in a crowded room? We tend to underestimate how powerful our brains are at doing things like filtering noise and speech, even in a crowded room.

via Coated

Gmail’s 2 latest features: Translation and Import from other accounts

Gmail has 2 cool new features. The first can be really useful for those of us who frequently get e-mail from all over the world – language translation. Just head into your Gmail Labs section, look for Message Translation and enable. Messages in foreign languages will now have a link to translate. I was surprised that some Chinese messages were translated into very readable text.

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