Thinking green about IT

Think Green. In technology and the environment – Green IT we talked about ways to be more efficient with the technology we use. There are three main areas where improvements can be made: selection, utilisation and disposal.

Looking for more energy efficient equipment, making the most efficient use of it, and recycling equipment are ways that can have a positive impact. In trying to raise awareness of things we can do to be a little greener I have created an awareness poster and am making it available online in case it might be useful to others – simply click on the image below.

Green IT - Think about IT

Tech/IT jobs relatively safe in the US economic downturn

Common sense says that leaving the job that you currently have in a severe economic downturn, such as the one we’re experiencing in the US, is a bad idea. Well it turns out that IT/tech jobs aren’t as badly hit as in other industries.

If you’re like me, and are tired of your Office Space/Dilbert existence in the still misunderstood IT world, then it may definitely not be a good time to be thinking about switching careers.

In case you’re not a ‘computer guy/gal’, and are wondering why such a person would not love their gig, take a look at the top 10 reasons not to be the computer guy.

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