Google eBookstore Online

Google’s eBookstore has opened their virtual doors with the goal of capturing some market share away from other eBookstore’s including Amazon for the Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Kobo from Borders with over 3 million titles from some 4,000 publishers. Google provides a web reader but the iOS and Android apps have… Continue reading Google eBookstore Online

iOS 4.2 Released to Developers

Apple started notifying iOS developers that version 4.2 is in GM status and available for download. In addition to fixing the iOS 4.1 DST bug, iOS 4.2 will bring the following features to the iPad: – Multitasking – Folders – AirPlay wireless music, movie, and photo streaming – Printing support over wireless networks – Game… Continue reading iOS 4.2 Released to Developers

iOS 4.1 DST Bug causes Europe to Oversleep

A couple of weeks ago New Zealand and Australia iOS 4.1 device owners lost an hour of beauty sleep thanks to a bug in iOS 4.1. People with recurring alarms had their alarms trigger an hour earlier when the countries switched to DST. While Apple states that the bug will be fixed in a software… Continue reading iOS 4.1 DST Bug causes Europe to Oversleep

Apple’s iOS 4 ready for download

Apple released iOS 4 today available for download through iTunes 9.2. Some of the 100 features include multitasking, folders, better unified email, new iBooks app, playlist creation from your iPhone, 5x digital zoom, tap to focus video, faces and places in Photos, home screen wallpaper, Gift apps (to send apps to family and friends as… Continue reading Apple’s iOS 4 ready for download