Repair cavities early on without drilling

You’re going to want to know about this advance in technology: painless cavity repair. Yup, no drills. DMG America, a dental restorative products company is behind this new technology called Icon that can repair early dental cavities before they become much worse.

The picture shows the applicator that is able to slide in between teeth to apply a resin that that fills in the gaps, the cavity, which is then quickly hardened using a blue light. Icon could potenitally start showing up in dentist offices within a year.

There are some quick animated movies demonstrating how it works at Icon’s website, appropriately named drilling-no-thanks.com.

Aliph Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset has its own operating system, runs apps

Bluetooth headset maker Aliph’s latest headset, the Jawbone Icon has some features that are sure to cause some serious gadget envy. Perhaps the most interesting one has to be that this headset has its very own operating system that can be updated and that can run apps. Yes, that’s right, applications. On a bluetooth headset.

Aliph has a website that you can log into, attach your heaset to your computer via USB, and then push apps directly to it. For example, you can customize the Icon with audio and/or dial apps. The audio apps can change the sound of the voices on your headset.

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