Aliph Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset has its own operating system, runs apps

Bluetooth headset maker Aliph’s latest headset, the Jawbone Icon has some features that are sure to cause some serious gadget envy. Perhaps the most interesting one has to be that this headset has its very own operating system that can be updated and that can run apps. Yes, that’s right, applications. On a bluetooth headset.

Aliph has a website that you can log into, attach your heaset to your computer via USB, and then push apps directly to it. For example, you can customize the Icon with audio and/or dial apps. The audio apps can change the sound of the voices on your headset.

As with the other Jawbones, the Icon works best by having it touch your cheek/jaw, so that the headset can pick up the vibrations as you speak and convert those to audio. However, the Icon can also work conventionally via its fail-safe acoustic voice detector.

Other features include answering, rejecting, and end calls, last number redial, voice dialing support, call muting, and multipoint technology that lets it connect up to two devices simultaneously. It also has spoken alerts/custom audio tones and can read out incoming caller ID.

The Jawbone Icon makes a fashion statement as well and comes in 6 different designs: the Ace, the Rogue, the Bombshell, the Hero, the Thinker, and the Catch. It’s 1.77″ long and only weighs 0.3oz.

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