Handheld Body Fat Analyzers

This gadget just smacks of ‘Made in China on a “3rd shift”‘! For just $10, this handheld device measures your body fat percentage, and is also a clock and an alarm clock. Ha! It can also stores 8 different sets of data. What’s scary is that it can apparently measure from 5 to 50%. Can… Continue reading Handheld Body Fat Analyzers

IDC Ecco Intelligent Digital Compass Personal Pocket GPS Locator

Want a GPS but want something even smaller? Then take a look at Ecco’s portable GPS fob that fits on your keychain. The Ecco can store 3 locations and find locations in seconds by pulling in info from 32 satellites within 60 secs. It uses rechargeable batteries and shows direction arrows and distance. Never get… Continue reading IDC Ecco Intelligent Digital Compass Personal Pocket GPS Locator

DeLorme Earthmate PN-30 – handheld GPS

So for those of you that are into GPS units, take a look at the DeLorme’s Earthmate PN-30. Very recently DeLorme released their PN-40 with a recommended list price of $400 – the PN-30 trumps this with a price of $300 whilst retaining the majority of the features. It is easily recognizable as an Earthmate… Continue reading DeLorme Earthmate PN-30 – handheld GPS

Vision will be Sega’s new handheld console

Sega is getting back into hardware, this time it’ll be a handheld console. Dubbed the Vision, it will play games, plus movies and music, and apparently have a camera and TV-tuner. Really… I haven’t heard WiFi mentioned. Honestly, this needs to compete with the PSP. On the other hand, I’d love to play Sonic again.